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If you enjoy fly-fishing in Colorado, this book is a must-have.  Steve shares all the necessary information to be successful in Rocky Mountain National Park, whether you are a novice or seasoned angler, this book has something for you!

Pat Dorsey, author of A Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte, Fly Fishing Tailwaters, and Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies

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Lavishly illustrated, perfectly organized, loaded with outstanding maps, and packed with precise details that only an insider could know, A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park is simply the best guidebook ever produced about fishing in the varied waters of the Park.

John Shewey, author of Alpine Angler and Mastering the Spring Creeks: A Fly Angler’s Guide

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This book is a wonderful gift for the fly fisherman and anyone who is interested in visiting the beautiful panoramas nestled here in the Rockies.  I highly recommend this book and hope it inspires you to explore and fish the Park as it has me.

Rick Takahashi, author of Modern Midges, Tying and Fishing the World’s Most Effective Patterns

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A clear, concise guide to fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park written by a fly fisher that has spent countless hours hiking the trails, wading the waters and solving the equations to catch fish in this amazing setting.  A must read for any fly fishing enthusiast visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

Brad Befus, author of Carp on the Fly and Basic Techniques for Successful Fly Tying

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This is a must-have guide to the Park.  Steve's knowledge of the park is incredible -- I have fished and guided the park for years and didn't know there was this much in that little piece of property.  Steve shows us how to explore the park and fish our way through it. Five stars all the way!

Mike Kruise, Owner, Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop, Longmont, Colorado

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There hasn't been such an authoritative book on fly-fishing Rocky Mountain National Park published before. It will set the standard for future books about specific fly-fishing destinations like national parks, wilderness areas, and the like. I believe that anyone who sets out to write 'the' fly-fishing resource for, say, a Yellowstone or a Great Smokies will have to view Schweitzer's book as the benchmark.

Dick Shinton, long-time Fly Fishing Guide, Rocky Mountain National Park

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Typically with this style of book, the reader still has major questions on fishing the area which is being focused on.  You kind of know what to expect, but you're still mostly lost when you get there...this is far from the case with this book.  I'm guessing people more familiar with the area than I will agree that this is the bible on fishing RMNP- and without telling the reader to fish downstream of the big rock just downstream from the bridge.  This is probably the best fishing destination book I have ever seen...the bar is set high with this one.

Alex Cerveniak, Staff Writer, MidCurrent online magazine

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